Best Healthy Hot Drinks In London

The wind is bitter, the streets are covered in slush, and the only things making us brave enough to face the outside world is a thick, snuggly scarf, 600 layers of clothing and wrapping our hands around a delicious hot drink. Winter was made for hot cocoa and cream-topped lattes, but we all know if we consumed as many of these as we’d like to, we probably wouldn’t feel too great. So to help you get the best of both worlds, we’ve battled the freezing weather and manic Christmas shoppers, to find you the tastiest, healthy hot drinks in London… 


Matcha Latte – The Neat Café

Matcha Latte at The Neat Café, Regent St | Neat Nutrition

Your usual latte, but green and with a few added health benefits. Okay, so it’s not like your usual latte at all, but it is tasty! For those who like a super natural energy boost, head to The Neat Café to try our own Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. Full of antioxidants, it’ll be the pick me up you need, especially after a heavy night at the office Christmas party!


Turmeric Latte – Mae Deli

Turmeric lattes are the perfect way to bring a little sunshine to grey, cold day in London. Although it might sound a little weird to some, the touch of turmeric brings incredible colour and just a light taste of spice, which when paired with a sweeter tasting milk (such as rice or coconut), makes for a pretty cosy start to the day.


Hazelnut Latte – The Neat Café

Coffee will always be our number 1, and our number 1 coffee roasters is Ozone, which is why that’s what we serve in The Neat Café. In need of a hug in a mug? Try a hazelnut latte or flat white. It’s an indulgently sweet, dairy-free caffeine kick that comes with no added sugar, and reminds us of our favourite brand of chocolate spread…


Dirty Chai – Planet Organic or Columbia Road Flower Market

Deliberating between a sweet chai latte and your beloved classic coffee? Put them together and you have the most incredible flavour combination, especially when you make it with an almond or oat milk! You’ll get a taste of winter with every spiced sip.


Pitaya Latte - Planet Organic

A bright pink, Instagrammable latte that tastes like a white hot chocolate (but is totally vegan)? Yes please! Made with pitaya, otherwise known as dragon fruit, cacao butter and hazelnut milk, this hot drink is truly one of a kind.

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