Protein Pancakes with Popcorn

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There's not much that's more appetising for breakfast than a pancake stack, and this one's pretty darn appetising. The basic recipe is below, using both whey and slow release proteins and then it's up to you on toppings and sauces! This one has popcorn n for an added crunch...


Protein Pancake Stack With Popcorn | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


In a bowl, whisk together your egg whites and liquid until the mixture has doubled in size and is nice and fluffy! Whisk the sweetener and baking powder into the egg whites.

Now add in the rest of the ingredients, continuing to whisk until they are well combined. Then leave the mix to rest for 5 minutes.

Now grease your frying pan (we use coconut oil) and heat the pan on a medium heat. Drop a tablespoons worth of mix in to the pan; cook on one side for three minutes and then flip and cook on the other for around 2 minutes!

Keep doing this until you have a mighty stack!

Now go toppings crazy and ENJOY!


This recipe was created for Neat by Hannah Potter. Hannah is a primary school teacher by day and a fitness and health food fanatic in her spare time. She loves to create healthy recipes that are retakes of those that are not so healthy, to make people see how eating healthily is tasty and fun. You can find her over on instagram at @_hannaheats


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