Vegan Matcha Protein Pancakes

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Vegan Matcha Pancake Recipe | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.

We love a good pancake, so here’s an alternative you can try with an added boost of matcha to start the day in the best way! 

Blend the buckwheat in a blender or food processor to make a flour (or buy buckwheat flour if you can find it). Empty out into a bowl and add the Almond Drink to the blender – this way, the buckwheat won’t get stuck around the blades.

Pop in your banana, protein powder, ground almonds, matcha and put back in the buckwheat flour. Now blend on high until you get a smooth batter.

Add a tiny bit of coconut oil into a frying pan and heat on medium. Once the pan is hot, you should hear a sizzle. If you want small, stackable pancakes, add two tablespoons of batter to the pan. If you space evenly to allow for spread, you should be able to cook three pancakes at a time in a standard size pan.

The batter will start to set after a couple of minutes and once the pancake has a good ‘foot‘ – meaning it is nice and cooked on the bottom – you can flip it. Repeat until all your batter has become pancakes!

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