for high quality ingredients, simple design and most importantly a great tasting natural product

Like most of you we have long had to sift through the overly complex and often-confusing world of nutrition supplements. Through shared experiences (over the odd wheat grass smoothie) we decided to create Neat Nutrition with the aim of eradicating confusions and going back to basics. We are offering effective ingredients suitable for every lifestyle

The nutrition market is increasingly a sea of complex and unpronounceable buzzwords, chemical symbols and marketing jargon that leaves many customers being either put off or, worse still, encouraged to purchase products with ineffective and unnecessary extras. Neat promises to keep it plain and simple

It is all natural flavourings and sweeteners at Neat HQ. We believe that is the only way of giving you the best tasting product without that ‘fake’ aftertaste or ‘jittery’ feeling that comes from many artificial preserves!

Over-hyped, over-promised, over-marketed and unrealistic claims on many nutritional supplements will (most likely) lead to disappointment! We want to help you understand how to effectively incorporate Neat products into your lifestyle for a long term, sustainable improvement in your health, fitness and wellbeing


Lee and Charlie have been close friends for (too) many years! It was on a cold and wet poolside some 16 years ago they first met, though neither of them could have predicted that together they would rise through the ranks of British swimming and go on to represent Great Britain at numerous international events.

After retiring from professional sport Lee and Charlie both pursued successful corporate careers, Lee went on to become a successful commercial strategist in the healthcare sector while Charlie spent his time brokering high profile partnerships for international film studios. But they both knew their true passion lay elsewhere.

to reflect Lee and Charlie's shared passion and commitment for quality with their key objectives on showing provenance, removing ambiguity, embracing simplicity and helping to educate consumers. Everyone at Neat hopes our commitment to products and quality will help you reach your goals whatever they may be, from increasing vitality, losing weight or competing at the Olympic Games.