Back to basics

Sometimes, the simplest questions are the most important,

so let's take it back to basics: here's how our protein blends are made...

Hemp & Pea: A Match Made in Heaven

It all starts with a harvest of yellow split peas and hemp seeds…

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  • 1. Separation

    Hemp seeds are separated from their shells and peas are reduced to flour.

  • 2. Making hemp cakes

    Oil is removed from the hemp to form a ‘cake’, while the pea flour is purified.

  • 3. All about the base

    Hemp cake & outer shell are reunited. Pea protein is dried to a powder.

  • 4. Adding flavour

    The proteins head to East Anglia for mixing and natural flavours are added

  • 5. Making it handy

    Our finished protein powder is packed into handy, single-serve sachets for you

  • 6. Shake it up!

    Your pea and hemp protein is ready for you to shake, bake and refuel.

Whey Protein: From Grass-Fed Cows

Lots of lovely cows spend their days in fields chewing grass.

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  • 1. A natural start

    Milk is collected and refrigerated before being transported to a cheese factory.

  • 2. Curds vs Whey

    Milk is separated into curds and whey. Curds for cheese, whey for protein.

  • 3. Let’s filtrate

    Liquid whey goes through ultra-filtration where fat and lactose are removed.

  • 4. Spray it

    This filtered whey is spray dried to create a powder.

  • 5. Still natural

    The protein travels to East Anglia where our natural flavours are added.

  • 6. Single serve

    Our whey protein powder is packed into handy single serve sachets & voilà!

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