10 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Yoga

There’s a reason that yoga is the one workout that is yet to go out of fashion. It’s benefits extend far beyond aesthetics, providing you with a full mind-body experience that can transform your physical and mental health. So if you aren’t already a fully-fledged yogi, here’s ten reasons why you need to get your zen on:


10 Reasons You Need To Do Yoga | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


You’re Stressed AF

You probably know by know that exercise is an awesome way of reducing stress. Focusing on what your body can do instead of the worries racing around your mind is a great way to escape your problems for an hour and to gain a sense of perspective. Done with enough practice, the meditation elements of a yoga practice can have massive impact, reducing your racing heart in the short term, and impacting on your whole mindset in the long run.


You’re as Flexible as a Plank of Wood

Struggling to reach your toes? Feeling stiff and creaky after a few too many heavy weights sessions and not enough stretching? Yoga is just what you need to stretch you out and lengthen your muscles, improving your mobility and reducing your chance of injury. Don’t be surprised if by looking after your flexibility, you not only feel more sprightly, but the rest of your training feels the benefits too.


You’ve Been Struggling to Sleep

Heading to class is a great way to escape your thoughts and let go off those lingering stresses that are usually still whirring around mind when you hit the hay. Book into class after a long day at work to truly turn your work-mode OFF and your relaxing-mode ON.


You Need a Low-Impact Way To Workout

Endless HIIT sessions might be great as you float along on a sea of endorphins, but it’s also a sure-fire way to end up with a tired, injured body. Yoga is a great alternative to pounding the pavements or doing high-intensity workouts when you’re suffering with niggles, and has even been said to reduce pain.


You’re After Stronger Arms

Think yoga is a walk in the park? After a power flow and a few dozen Chaturanga’s, you’ll certainly be working your arm muscles and improving your bodyweight strength.


You’ve Got High Blood Pressure

Yup, that’s right, research has even shown that regular practice can lower your blood pressure and symptoms of serious mental health issues too - that’s what we call real fitness motivation.


You Want to Meet New People

The benefits of a regular practice go far beyond just how you look and feel, and the community surrounding yoga proves just that. Book into a yoga brunch or workshop, or even just get chatting after class to meet likeminded individuals that get you and make you feel inspired.


You Need a Brain Boost

Struggling to concentrate in that boring afternoon meeting? Try a lunchtime class to get your blood flowing in downward dog and sharpen up your memory without reaching for your third cup of coffee. Exercise, and particularly yoga can help boost brain function and improve your reactions too - think fast!


You’re a Total Sloucher

After a day slouched over your laptop looking like the hunchback of Notre Dam, switching on muscles you didn’t know you had and stretching out all that tension is exactly what you need for better posture and a stronger core.


You Feel Out of Touch With Your Body

Without going totally hippy, but the mind-body connection you can gain is one of the biggest benefits touted by prolific yogis. It’s time to stop ignoring your emotions and how your body really feels, instead making your mind and body work together as a team.

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