A product that you can believe in

Founded by athletes

Neat Nutrition was founded by former GB swimmers Charlie Turner and Lee Forster who, after years of being on the athlete side of sports nutrition, wanted to create a product they could believe in. From a shared passion and commitment for quality, Charlie and Lee’s key objectives were showing provenance, removing ambiguity, embracing simplicity and helping to educate consumers. The culmination of this was creating a product that was well sourced, cleanly produced and tasted great.

Our promise to you

From this ethos, Neat Nutrition was born and along side it, our promise to you: supporting every lifestyle with great products. Neat Nutrition is about more than just a product though. We create recipes, work with some amazing people and are involved with some awesome events. Join Team Neat today and you'll take home more than just a bag of protein, it’s a whole new lifestyle.