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    Whey Protein

    Creamy and great tasting, our Whey Protein powder is produced from grass-fed cows and mixes brilliantly with water, milk and plant-based alternatives. We’re proud of it’s high 22g of protein per serving and all-natural ingredients. From just 100 calories too!

    For top performance, whether that’s in the gym or just in your everyday life, you have to fuel your body with the best. We think our Whey Protein shakes, made with the highest-quality, natural ingredients, are just that.

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    Vegan Protein

    Our plant-based pea and hemp protein blend delivers a punchy 26g of protein per serving and contains only all-natural ingredients and zero sugars to ensure the taste and texture is delicious. Our Vegan Protein powder mixes brilliantly with water, milk and plant-based alternatives.

    You don't have to be a vegan to use our Vegan Protein shake; it's a great addition to complement any diet as an incredibly nutritious, lactose-free, non-dairy protein powder.

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    Why Do You Need Neat?

    It's the perfect snack for when you're on the go and need a low calorie, high protein shake to fuel your day.

    Neat protein shakes are convenient and a cost-effective delivery system for consuming protein. If you want to save time and money (only £1.67 per serving), improve muscle growth and recovery, aid weight loss or enhance your general health and wellness, a Neat Protein Subscription is the solution for you!

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