Our Story

Who we are

Neat was founded in the U.K. by former GB swimmers, Lee & Charlie.

Their goal: to produce a collection of dietary supplements designed to support a modern lifestyle, from stress management to bolstering immunity and easing muscle aches.

Looking after the planet

Our Promise To You

When we started Neat in 2015, one of our goals was to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Step-by-step, we’re working on making that goal a reality though recyclable packaging, plastic-free deliveries, mindful manufacturing and our newly adopted carbon offsetting initiative.

Doing good

B-Corp Pending

Here at Neat Nutrition we're committed to having a positive impact on both people and on the planet as well as to make a profit.

As such we are working to finalise our B-Corp accreditation and join 175 other UK businesses to better the world around us.

Neat News