When we started Neat in 2015, one of our goals was to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Step-by-step, we’re working on making that goal a reality.


In 2019, we made changes across our manufacture and delivery processes to reduce our carbon footprint.
We'll keep evolving, but here’s the changes we’ve made to our service to lower our environmental impact:


Our new postable boxes are made from fully recycled materials and are themselves, fully recyclable. These boxes are much smaller, which means no additional packing material is needed. We've then drastically reduced the amount of non-recyclable material we use.


We’re absorbing a higher cost of delivery to ensure no ugly plastic delivery bag is needed in getting subscriptions to our customers. We also added more volume per-delivery with our smaller boxes, reducing the overall carbon footprint.


All the additional Neat goodies included in your boxes, like Neat News and our recipe cards, are printed on recycled paper. Make sure you recycle them when you're done, and they'll begin their life again!


We work with our manufacturer to minimise our environmental impact, by reducing unnecessary waste and seeking opportunities to increase energy efficiency. Waste is composted where it’s not used to create renewable energy. 

Looking to the Future

We use single-serve sachets for our protein powders and we want to give you some more information on how

we’re evolving our products to be recyclable, while ensuring they’re 100% fit for purpose. 


Because our protein powders are food, they must be stored in food-grade safe packaging.

At present, the environmentally-friendly options for these are limited but new innovations are

coming through that we’re super excited about.


We’ll be trialling new sachets soon that are 30% more efficient in manufacture for CO2 than standard packaging and

are also accepted by some UK councils for incineration.


Our slightly longer-term plans are to move to newly released packaging which is both fully recyclable

and zero carbon. We’re can’t wait to share more information on these when they’re ready.


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