Why Are Carbs Important in a Protein Shake? #QoW


Why Are Carbs Important in a Protein Shake?

We talk a lot about protein (obviously!), but another macronutrient features in our proteins and that’s carbohydrates. Carbs tend to get some bad press, but they’re vital for your body to work efficiently. We talk all about carbs in a recent blog post by Dr. Nick.

So why are carbohydrates important in a protein shake? Well the carbs replenish glycogen stores which will have been used up in exercise. When your glycogen stores are depleted, you’ll feel tired and hit a slump. Making sure there’s fuel to keep you going is important.

Carbohydrates also stimulate insulin to increase protein synthesis. As we know, protein is the building block of a whole bunch of things in your body, which start at a cell level. 

Carbs and Protein, they’re like the Brangelina of our macros.

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