5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

The internet is full of weird, wacky and downright dangerous tips for boosting your metabolism, from dodgy tea-toxes to Indian spices. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix, and many of these suggestions have little scientific backing. So we thought we’d round up our 5 simple, no-nonsense, gimmick-free hacks for boosting your metabolism… 

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Build Muscle with Strength Training

Strenuous strength training, whether that's using your bodyweight or free weights, is said to burn calories for hours after you've finished your workout. And as if that wasn't good enough, muscle and fat have very different energy requirements - muscle can burn up to an extra 50 calories per day - so by growing your muscles you'll need to eat more to maintain your body weight. 


Supplement with Neat's Lean Boost

Supplementing with our Lean Boost capsules is great for supporting the breakdown of fats to generate metabolic energy, thanks to it's perfectly curated blend of natural ingredients, including Neat high grade Organic Matcha Green Tea, Acai Extract, L-Carnitine and CLA. We only use natural caffeine sources that will help fight fatigue but won't give you a ‘shaky’ or ‘jittery’ feeling. 


Try HIIT training

Similarly to strength training, HIIT training (high intensity interval training) raises your metabolism and can boost it for 24-48 hours after your workout is finished, even whilst you're sat at your desk! So instead of slogging it out on the treadmill for hours boring yourself silly, book yourself in for a HIIT class and reap the rewards. 


Eat More Protein

How much energy you use throughout the day isn't just dependant on your activity, and without doing anything your body will use 10% of it's intake for digestion, called thermogenesis. Because protein takes longer for your body to digest than carbs or fat, eating a high protein diet can mean you're expending more energy, meaning you'll burn more calories by simply digesting your food. 

It will also help to preserve your muscle AND keep you feeling fuller for longer! Make sure to check out our recipe index, all using Neat protein, for some tasty, high-protein inspiration. 


Drink More Water

We're always promoting drinking more water because of it's many different benefits, but did you know it's also been linked to raising your metabolism? In fact, a study found that drinking about 500ml of water raised the metabolic rates of healthy subjects by 30%. So fill up that bottle sharpish, adding in fresh fruits if you need something a little more exciting. 

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