What's Actually In Protein #QoW


What’s Actually In Protein?

Different proteins will have different ingredients. Go into any store that sells protein and you’ll see a list of confusing ingredients on the back. At Neat Nutrition, it was our goal to go back to basics and produce a great product that wouldn’t leave you confused by what's in it. 

Basically, our protein's are split into two types, whey and vegan. Our whey protein is sourced from dairy: It starts life as milk, then just like Little Miss Muffet, the curds and whey are separated from the milk. Curds go to make cheese (and slow release protein) and the whey is used in our whey protein. The protein itself is created by spray drying the whey.

Our vegan protein is sourced from pea and hemp. The pea and hemp are harvested, dried and crushed to create a powder. We use a pea and hemp mix to provide a full amino profile. 

A full list of what’s in each is listed on each product page and there's no hidden extras.

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