What’s ‘Naked’ Protein and What Are Its Advantages? #QoW


What’s ‘Naked’ Protein and What Are Its Advantages?

Naked Protein is, simply, protein without added flavouring. It’s ideal for shakes and cooking as the lack of added flavour means the ingredients in your creation are the hero. So if you want a luscious mixed fruit shake, add a scoop of naked protein and you’ll still get that lovely fruity taste without any competition from vanilla, chocolate or berry flavouring. It’s also great for pancakes, waffles and banana bread!

Because we don’t add a flavour profile to the protein, it also has the advantage of a higher protein content. The naked protein is also less sweet by nature, as you remove the added sweetness that comes with the flavouring. 

So if you’re after a good all-rounder, naked might just be the way to go!

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