How Do You Make Matcha Green Tea? #QoW


How Do You Make Matcha Green Tea? 

We think our Matcha powder is pretty incredible; one cup of Matcha can contain as many antioxidants as ten cups of green tea. Included in these antioxidants are catechins, which are thought to help fight cancer.

Matcha gets its intense green colour from the way it’s grown - in the shade. Once harvested, the leaves are dried and ground into the fine, green powder we use in our tea. This is where Matcha differs from Green Tea, there is no steeping involved with Matcha.

So onto the making of a cup of Matcha! Firstly, using the scoop provided in our packet, add two scoops of Matcha Powder to a cup, or if you’re feeling really fancy, a bowl. Add a small amount of hot water (70C is ideal – boil the kettle and leave it for 5 minutes) to the powder. Now, use a bamboo whisk, or chasen, to whisk out any lumps. Once the mixture is smooth, add the rest of the water and whisk until you have a bright green foam on top. You shouldn’t be whisking like you’re making scrambled eggs! It’s best to use a W motion to whisk and build up the froth for a perfect Matcha Green Tea.

For more information on why Matcha is awesome and full of amazing health benefits, check out of our blog on the green hero here.

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