JetSweat | A Busy Person’s Guide to Killing Your Workouts

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This month, we’re super excited to have partnered up with our friends over at JetSweat! If you’ve never met them before, they’re an on-demand, customisable fitness platform that provides exclusive access to premium boutique studio classes and structured programming personalised to fit individual goals. That, coupled with real-time performance tracking, empowers an active lifestyle wherever, whenever.

We took the opportunity to talk to the guys at JetSweat and get their expert advice on killing your workouts, no matter how busy you are…

 JetSweat Workout | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Up the Intensity

When we’re short on time, high-intensity interval training is an absolute life-saver. It can be done anywhere, and as long as you push yourself to the max, you can get in a killer workout in 30-minutes flat. We always prioritise quality over quantity - it’s better to get in 3 awesome sessions than 5 lack-lustre ones!


Keep it Simple

There’s really no need to use loads of complicated equipment or spend hours exercising every day. Try the Body Space Fitness HIIT Workout through JetSweat - it’s super easy to follow and utilises your own body weight to build strength, but don’t underestimate it!


Get it Done Early

There’s a lot of truth in the time-old expression; the early bird catches the worm. The longer you wait, the more things there are to get between you and your workout. Get it done first thing so you’ve got one less thing to worry about! 


Skip the Gym

Skip the gym, but not your workout! The beauty of JetSweat is that it brings the world’s best fitness studios to you. No long commute or inconvenient class times – you can have the city’s best instructors giving you a killer workout from the comfort of your home.


Don't forget, if you want to try out JetSweat for yourself, you can get a free month's subscription using promo code: NEATNUTRITION at checkout... 

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