Easy Ways to Cheat Your Way to a Healthier Day

Sometimes finding time for the gym or a class is tough. Plus, the sofa can be so much more appealing after a long day at work or the weekend seems like a time to relax, not workout. Being more active does't have to be so much hard work! Here's our easy tips on making your day a little healthier without the extra effort.

Food Prep 

Food prep can be as intense as you want it to be. If the pull of Tupperware and a Sunday spent cooking for the week is appealing to you, get those chicken and broccoli pots sorted! But there are ways to prep that aren’t as extreme but will help you stay on track through the week. Try taking 10 minutes to plan dinner for each day, at the start of the week and make sure you have food in the fridge for each meal. That way, the ‘what are we having for dinner’ conversation is irrelevant and you can push forward with making dinner when you get home. Prepare your lunch the night before while cooking dinner so in the morning when you’re running late, you can grab and go instead of having to rely on a meal deal or quick fix.

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Take the Long Way Round

Have you worked out the quickest route from the car park to work? Can you get round Sainsburys in ten minutes? Are you a pro at ducking down side roads and cutting the walk to the tube in half? Well forget everything you’ve learned and try taking the long way round. Our lives tend to be ruled by convenience, but if you can take a little extra time and go the long way, you’ll be spending more time being active without the effort!

Swap out the Unhealthy

Our friends at Mindful Chef recently gave us some top tips on swapping out problem foods with healthier options. Swap your spaghetti for courgetti or try sweet potato instead of white potatoes. Making these swaps on a regular basis will really help you to make healthier choices without feeling like you’re following a boring diet that won’t last.

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Leave the Car at Home

If it’s possible to commute, run an errand or visit a friend without using the car or public transport, try it! Even if it’s just once a week, leave earlier and walk to your destination. Walking on a regular basis has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers.

Snack Better 

We all get those cravings between meals and if you find your desk within eye line of the vending machine, or your table at the local coffee shop right opposite the extensive pastry selection, it can be so easy to give in and treat yourself. Give yourself an alternative with a snack you’ve made at home and know the ingredients of. We have a huge selection of inspiration for you on the recipe blog and most can be made in 10 minutes. Tupperware is THE accessory for 2017!


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Add Five

Push yourself a little harder in whatever exercise you’re doing and add five minutes at the end. Whether its another five minutes on the treadmill, or when you reach home after a walk, take five minutes to do an extra loop around the block; adding a small amount of extra time onto an activity will only be beneficial in keeping your body moving. If you need some top tunes to power you through, try our Best Ever Pop Workout Playlist.


These may all seem like small changes, but they can make a big difference when you combine them!

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