Everything You Need To Know About The Wimbledon Queue

Whether you’re a huge tennis fan or just want an excuse to enjoy a Pimm’s and some strawberries and cream out in the sunshine, Wimbledon is a great day out that we would highly recommend. If you weren’t lucky enough to come out trumps in the ballot or just weren’t organised enough to apply in time, there’s no need to write it off until next year! Here’s everything you need to know about joining the Wimbledon queue:

Everything You Need To Know About The Wimbledon Queue | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein. 

What Even Is The Queue?

It’s actually pretty rare, but Wimbledon is one of the very few major UK sporting events that still offer tickets on the day of play, which are sold on the basis of one per person queuing. They do offer daily tickets for Centre Court, No.1 Court and No.2 Court (except for the last four days on Centre), but they’re pretty limited and you’re unlikely to get one if you don’t camp overnight. However, there are several thousand Grounds Passes available each day!


Where Is It?

The queue can be found at Wimbledon Park, which is a short walk from both Wimbledon Park or Southfields tube stations.


What Time Do You Need To Get There?

Not keen to commit to joining the overnight crowd? We don’t blame you, but we would still recommend getting there early if you don’t want to spend all day waiting outside. Try to head over there for 5:30-6am – you’ll still likely end up behind another 3,000+ people in the queue! If you arrive much later than 7:30 am then you’ll risk not even getting in during the day. Alternatively, if you’re not a morning person, skip out of work early instead and head there from 3 pm onwards to buy a re-sale ticket for the courts or the ground - all proceeds go to charity and you can still see some cracking tennis without breaking the bank! If you’re lucky enough, you might even catch Murray fighting it out in 5-setter whilst you relax on Henman Hill.  


What Should You Bring?

The queue is part of the experience, so come prepared to enjoy it properly and get in the spirit of things! Pimm’s is, of course, a great shout, but you’re not allowed to bring in more than 1 bottle, and you’ll also want to pick some up before you get to the Wimbledon area – there tends to be a local shortage for the whole month of July! We’d also recommend water, picnic food and a blanket, as well as making sure you’re prepared for the great British weather, aka. Bring an umbrella, sun cream and maybe some warm clothing just in case! But don’t pack your selfie-stick, thermos flask or camping seats, as these are all classed as prohibited items – we’ve got no complaints about the lack of selfie sticks to be honest…


Is There A Dress Code?

There’s not a specific dress-code, but you’ll have probably seen from photos that most people go for a smart-casual vibe.


Any Other Burning Questions?

Head to the Wimbledon website, here.

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