Exercise Swaps for Winter

It’s cold, you're tired and the last thing you want to do is head out for a run in the pitch black (even if it is only 5 o clock)! Instead of skipping your session and missing out on those endorphins, try these simple ways to switch up your training schedule that’ll help getting fit in winter feel so much easier…

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Swap the pavement for the pool

Some mornings, the thought of pounding the pavement while your breath fogs in front of you just isn’t all that appealing. When it’s dark, freezing and frosty it can be hard to motivate yourself to get outside and get moving. So why not switch up your cardio and hit the pool instead? Once you’re in the water, you’ll soon warm up! Swimming is great all-over exercise that’ll make you work in a different way to running. It’s non-impact nature will give your joints a break and you can focus on improving your breathing techniques. Once it warms up again, you can take what you learned in the pool, back out on the road.


Try out the treadmill

If you just can’t bear the thought of putting running aside for the season, head indoors and switch up your workout. Swap long morning runs for treadmill sprints and see if you can improve week on week. Develop new muscle groups and fight the boredom of routine.


Ride it out

Avoid the ice-covered streets and get your biking fix in the comfort of a boutique studio, accompanied by a motivating trainer and some banging tunes. Not only will this be a warmer way to get active, but by paying for a class in advance you’re much more likely to actually go – no more skipping your workout for a night in with Netflix!


Go solo and embrace being at home

If going to the gym in the dark just isn’t how you want to spend your mornings, stay put. There are so many at-home workouts available; DVDs, online subscription services and apps give you a world of choice at your fingertips.


Turn up the heat

Turn up the heat on your practice this winter and swap your usual yoga session for a hot class instead. The promise of getting out the cold and into that glorious heat will be the motivation you need to get out of bed. Close your eyes during savannah and it’ll  *almost* be like relaxing in a hot country…

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