Fast & Efficient Workouts That Build Muscle

Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to spend an hour of our day in the gym, but a lot of quick workouts are based around high-intensity exercises rather than building muscle. If you’re looking to gain strength, excessive HIIT is only going to hinder your progress. But you can still achieve your goals and get in your workout fast and efficiently. 

We’ve rounded up some awesome workouts from the wonderful web to get you started, and guarantee you’ll still be at your early morning meeting on time…

 Fast & Effective Workouts For Building Muscle | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


Men’s Health Express Legs Workout

If you don’t enjoy training legs, you’re not alone. Luckily you can get it done in just 15-minutes, whilst still making sure to tax out your lower body…


Equinox 20-minute Pure Strength Workout

Working all major muscle groups and covering 5 programming principles: horizontal push, vertical pull, knee-dominant, hip-dominant, and core. In each of the four blocks of work below, you’ll alternate between a bodyweight exercise and a loaded one, to increase “the body’s ability to adapt to different stressors”.


T Nation 20-Minute Muscle Builder

A 20-minute, focused workout that only requires a barbell and a bench. It keeps things focused on the basic, compound lifts, and recommends focusing on training often, rather than volume. 


Men’s Health Dirty Thirty Workout

For those looking to build muscle and burn fat, this is the workout for you. All you need is a barbell and 30 minutes of time – but let us warn you, that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy…


Fit Father Project Full Body Workout

Quicker workouts are all about being smart, so that you’re still working your full body and giving it enough stress to make gains. This workout uses supersets – meaning you’ll do one exercise immediately after another – to maximise progress in little time.


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