February: Neat’s Month of Indulgence

With Valentine’s Day, and our personal favourite holiday - World Nutella Day – taking place this month, there’s a whole lot of indulgence in the air this February. Our new year motivation is starting to waver, and it’s cold, dark and miserable outside, so we’re all for something that’ll pick up the mood! Plus, we’ll take any excuse to enjoy a little extra chocolate! So, we’re dedicating this month to exactly this on The Neat Blog; indulgence. But we won’t just be talking about how much pizza and chocolate we’re eating – there are far more ways you can be treating yourself this February… 

 February: Neat's month of Indulgence | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

January = Goal Setting

Right or wrong, for many, January is all about setting goals and hustling after them. If like us, you threw yourself into the new year head-first, you could probably do with taking the time to do something that just makes you FEEL good. It doesn’t mean giving up on your goals entirely, just allow yourself a little leeway. Even if that’s just taking a weekend off from work to do something you enjoy.



If you’re based in the UK, the weather has been downright grim, and it’s doing nothing for our mood. If, like us, you’re staring at the torrential rain/slush out the office window, with a severe case of wanderlust, then maybe it’s time to make some exciting travel plans. It’s not only a great act of indulgence but will also motivate you through the winter months. 



Take this month to put yourself first and practice some self-care, whatever that might mean for you. It could be saying no to plans, taking the time to schedule in your workouts, or just trying to regularly get 8+ hours sleep. It isn't all face-masks and bubble baths!


Diet & Training

Indulgence doesn’t necessarily mean skipping the gym and ordering pizza every night for a week either. For us, it’s about focusing on enjoyment. It might be choosing a home workout in the warm, treating yourself to a fitness class, or, yes, indulging your taste buds with our latest chocolate-packed recipes


Doing Something for Someone Else

We automatically assume indulgence is self-involved, but it’s actually all about treating someone with special kindness, right?  So perhaps it’s time to do something nice for someone you care about. Plus, it'll make you feel super smug, so it’s a win, win situation!

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