Finding Some Zen at Christmas Time

As soon as Halloween is over (or it would seem, even earlier this year), the shops switch to Christmas mode. Why does it feel like everyone around you finished their Christmas shopping in September? Christmas time can be a real trigger for anxiety or general feelings of being overwhelmed. Here’s some suggestions on how you could counter those feelings with a little more you time...

Finding Some Zen At Christmas Time | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions. 

Download a meditation app

Meditation doesn’t have to mean 30 minutes in a dark room while ‘ohm’-ing your heart out (although it certainly can mean that too). Modern technology means that you can get a little help with chilling out, from scheduling time to clearing your mind. The best part? You make the rules. 10 minutes of listening to calming music? Wonderful! 30 minutes in that dark room? Cool! Whatever suits you, taking time to just breathe can help everything else feel a little bit more manageable.


Carve out time for yourself

Among the madness of Christmas drinks, work nights out and family get togethers, schedule some non-negotiable downtime. We all unwind in different ways, whether its movies on the sofa, or a long walk in the park, make sure you let yourself enjoy the things that rejuvenate you. Make a calendar hold for an evening, day or weekend and don’t double book.


Take the pressure off

You don’t have to have all your shopping done already. You don’t have to create perfect food or host the perfect party. Give yourself permission to put enjoyment above obligation. Takeaway pizzas or slow cooker meals do the job as much as a three course dinner. Enjoy more, worry less.


It’s cool to say no

If you’ve got invitations coming out of your ears (or even if you don’t!) say no if you don’t feel like another obligation. It’s better for everyone if you don’t force yourself to be present somewhere you’re not happy being at.

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