Get Tickets For Run Junkie's lululemon Studio Pop Up

If you're looking for the purest thing this January to help you kick-start your year, then look no further! Our friends at Run Junkie have created London’s first indoor running class where the machine is powered solely by you, meaning you go as hard as you like. We're handing over to them to let you know what is so special about their concept and why you need to get yourself down to their studio pop up at lululemon.

Run Junkies lululemon Pop Up Tickets | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.

We are the first indoor running studio to utilise the Skill Mill - a curved treadmill with no buttons to press, powered only by you. We have taken the simplicity and effectiveness of running outside and made it into a fun, invigorating and inspiring workout. 

You can not improve what you do not measure, which is why we have created the first ever data driven running class, with real time form and speed tracking. Since we believe your data is for you and no one else, we will not have leaderboards, but we will send you your performance after class.

Each 30-minute class revolves around the SkillMill, which takes the simplicity and effectiveness of running outside and turns it into a fun, inspiring and invigorating full body workout. They promise a personalised experience, where your performance data will be emailed to you after class, leaving no doubt in your mind that you run your body.

Tickets went on sale today, so grab them here quick before they sell out, and keep in the know by following them on Instagram.

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