Get To Know Team England Athlete Reuben Arthur

Just months after he won gold as part of the England Athletic Commonwealth Games team competing on the Gold Coast, we caught up with SportsAid sponsored athlete, Reuben Arthur, to find out more about his incredible experience as well as getting to know him a little better... 

Get To Know GB Athlete Reuben Arthur | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.


Name: Reuben Arthur

Occupation: Athlete & Graduate

Favourite Neat Nutrition Product: Berry Crunch Cold Pressed Vegan Protein Bars


When & How Did You First Get Started In Your Sport?

I got into athletics almost by accident – I was playing for my school football team in year 7 and my PE teacher noticed I was pretty quick. He suggested I go down to the local athletics club and the rest is history!


Tell Us How You Ended Up Competing At The 2018 Commonwealth Games?

*laughs*! So I was a very late call-up to the Commonwealth Games – when most of the team had been in the Gold Coast training for 3 weeks, I was at home in London (in the snow). One morning at 6:32, I got a phone call from the relay coach from England Athletics explaining that another athlete had gotten injured and that they needed someone to replace him. After speaking to my mum and my coach, I put my degree on hold and within a week I was in the Gold Coast as a member of the England Athletic Commonwealth Games team!


How Was The Experience Of Winning Gold & How Have Things Changed For You Since Then?

Winning gold was a surreal experience, but it also felt very natural. Of all the competitions that I’ve been to so far – World Youth, World Junior, European Junior and European U23 Championships, the Commonwealth Games was the one at which I was the least nervous. Probably because I had all the previous experience! It felt great to win gold, but even better to bring it home to my family and friends. The changes since have been subtle, but the most important one for me is that my achievements are inspiring those that I come into contact with.


You Receive Support From SportsAid, Who Are Also Our Charity Partners - How Much Of A Difference Has This Made To Your Life & Career?

The SportsAid team are the real MVPs. Not only have they provided financial support (which is always needed), but more importantly, they’ve believed in me. It can be a lonely life filled with a lot of self-doubts, so having someone outside of your family that believes in what you’re doing only helps to keep you on track. Hopefully, I can get more people to believe in me and I'll go even further!


Who’s Someone That Inspires You, Whether That’s A Sporting Idol or General Life Inspiration?

My mum is easily my biggest inspiration. Raising 4 kids on her own? I look at her and think “If this woman can do that, and she raised me, I can do absolutely anything”.


What’s Your ‘Day On A Plate’? 

Breakfast is simple – an omelette and a slice of toast. Lunch is usually some fish, a bit of rice and some veg, and then the same for dinner. There’s always rice at home! I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, so if I’m feeling mischievous I’ll probably be snacking on some sweet and salty popcorn.


What’s Your Favourite Neat Shake Recipe?

EASILY the Ultimate Chocolate Peanut shake!


Being So Busy And Training So Hard, What Do You Do To Relax And Why Is It Important To Take Time For Yourself?

To relax, I do pretty much anything – I read, play video games, watch videos on YouTube, anything that’s not too mentally taxing. Otherwise, I’d burn out and stop enjoying what I do, which is probably the worst thing I can imagine.


What’s Next For You / What Would You Like To Achieve In The Next Couple Of Years?

Enjoyment! I enjoy athletics the most when I’m winning, so the plan is to do a lot more of that. Tokyo 2020 is around the corner and as a big fan of their culture as well as an ambitious athlete, that’s one business trip I don’t want to miss out on.


What’s Your Favourite Quote Or Piece Of Advice?

“If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready”. Essentially, you never know what is going to happen in life, so if you try and prepare for a variety of situations, you’ll never be too surprised by what life throws at you.


Time For A Quickfire Round!: 

If You Were A Brand, What Brand Would You Be And Why?

lululemon. I might not be the first name that comes to mind, but my quality and depth are second to none.

Most Played Song On Your Playlist?

Ever? Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up. Honestly!

Must See TV?

Community. Great show.

Favourite Food?

Pepperoni pizza. Classic!

Movie You’ll Watch Over And Over?

Sister Act 2.

Favourite City?


When You Were A Child, What Did You Want To Be When You Were Older?

Exactly what I am now; cool. Also, an athlete!


Where Can People Follow Your Journey & Hear More From You?

You can find me on Twitter @ReubenArthur, on Instagram @Rewwwbs, and through my Blog,

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