Get Your Health Back On Track After A Big Weekend

Whether the cause was an epic stag do, an indulgent weekend away or just Friday night drinks that turned into a two day bender, there’s nothing worse than feeling the after math of a big weekend when Monday morning rolls around. You know you SHOULD have drank more water, stuck to clear liquors and probably stopped after that 4th (or 5th, or 6th) drink... but it's too late for that. Well, we're not here to lecture you on what you should have done, or to tell you that it wasn't great for your health - you're smart enough to know that already. But, we do have some handy tips to get you feeling back on track, making sure your two day hangover doesn't ruin your whole week... 

Get Back On Track After A Big Weekend | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.


Don’t Go Extreme

Trying to "undo the damage" buy diving into an extreme detox or low-calorie diet will leave you tired, grumpy and seriously hungry. Most likely, this won't get you back on track, but will result in you deep diving into a takeaway in desperation after 3 rather miserable days. Instead, play a slightly longer game and stick to the simple tips below, which will likely increase the benefits and results you'll gain. 


Water, Water & More Water!

Sure, it's not the most exciting tip, but after a weekend of booze and greasy, salty meals out, your body is likely crying out for plenty of water. Upping your intake is not only key for rehydration, but will help to flush out your internal system - helping you to feel less heavy and sluggish. 


Get Your ZZZ’s

We talk about sleep a lot on the blog, but for great reason! A big weekend of alcohol and minimal sleep is a terrible combination. And there's no better cure than a really good quality sleep, giving your body the time it needs to truly rest and recover. Is catching 20 winks easier said than done? Find some great tips for drifting off from our pals at eve sleep, here. 


Keep Things Simple

You don’t need to spend a fortune in Wholefoods and consume a million different superfoods to get your health back on track. In actual fact, what you need is simple, high quality, real ingredient foods that give you a good balance of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre-rich veggies and carbohydrates. Trip to avoid too many heavily processed foods and high-sugar snacks too - it's time to strip it back!

Not sure where to start? Try our Morning After Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie...


Ease Back In

Getting moving is a great way to dust off the cobwebs from a wild weekend, but be careful to ease back into it. You've already put your body under quite a lot of stress, so a super intense conditioning session is probably not what it needs right now. Instead, book into a yoga class, a mid-paced jog or a simple bodyweight gym session. It'll boost your mood and get you back in the swing of things, without ruining your body on day 1. 


Steer Clear Of The Bar

We’re all for cultivating a "little and often" mindset rather than "go big or go home", but after during the aftermath of a big, boozy weekend, steering clear of the bar is much needed. Skip mid-week drinks (or just go non-alcoholic), as adding even more alcohol into the mix will just push back your recovery. Hair of the dog is not the solution here, sorry! 

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