Getting Your Family Active This Christmas

The holiday season is a great time to press pause on life and take a few days to relax and enjoy a different routine. With most gyms and studios closing anyway, it’s the perfect opportunity to not only try something new, but get your family and friends involved too! 

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Walk to Explore

Wherever you’re spending Christmas, whether it’s at home or away, a long walk to explore your local area is always a great way to get everyone fired up for dinner. Pick a distance that’s manageable by everyone in the party, or plan a route that allows for a mix of ability. Keep younger members of the family entertained with a scavenger hunt along the way.


Park Run

This amazing, country-wide initiative invites anyone to turn up at their weekly, volunteer-led runs, but they also hold special Christmas day events! You don’t have to be a runner, or be after a PB, just join the people in your area in getting outdoors and feeling better for it. Plus, this December they’ve partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK to encourage runners to ‘donate their time’. So not only can you feel great thanks to the fresh air in your lungs, but you can also donate your finishing time to charity! Children don’t have to miss out either; most Park Run locations also hold Junior Park Run sessions.


Winter Swim

This one’s for the hardier of you as it involves bracing winter water temperatures! Wild Swim have a list of holiday season outdoor swims available across the country. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose from a Boxing Day Dip or a longer challenge. Make sure to check out your local swims in advance though, as some require registration (and a Santa hat!).


Family Yoga

Get everyone up early for an online yoga session! There’s plenty of beginner classes on YouTube and imagine how fun it would be seeing Uncle Barry trying to master the falling star pose. This ones even better if its new to you as the family can bond over all being terrible, or even better, finding out yoga is super fun.

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