Healthy Eating Week: Top Tips to Get Your Family Eating Healthier

Some habits are hard to break and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making healthier lifestyle changes, especially when you want to get your family on board! So to celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation's Healthy Eating Week, we're here to help with some quick and easy tips to get your family eating healthier... 


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Hidden Vegetables

Anyone with little ones or fussy eaters in the family will know how much of a battle it can be to get them to eat their vegetables. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and the best way to do this is to hide extra veggies in their normal meals. Try blending them into pasta sauces or throwing spinach leaves and frozen veggies into their fruit smoothies. They won't be able to taste the difference but you'll be able to rest easy knowing they've eaten their 5-a-day!

Cook Together

Getting the whole family involved in cooking dinner can not only be fun, but it will also make your kids so much more likely to eat it! Rope in some help in the kitchen and you'll be surprised at how many vegetables disappear from their plates... 

Get Creative

Getting stuck in a recipe rut can make meal times a total chore. Ask your family for dinner ideas and try to think outside the box. Buy a new cookbook or try out new recipes from your favourite food blogger to switch things up and make nourishing meals exciting again. 

Create Healthier Alternatives

Eating well doesn't have to mean eating bland, boring meals. Instead of missing out on family favourites, try and make healthier alternatives. Love a curry night? Make a homemade fake-away, using veggies, meat or fish, coconut milk and spices, or whip up thick banana smoothie bowls instead of reaching for ice cream on a hot day. 

Exercise Portion Control

Rather than banning sweets and chocolate, making your kids want them more, try making them into a special treat instead. Swap their usual chocolate bar for a couple of squares instead, or allow crisps in their packed lunch on a Friday to make it a treat they can look forward to instead of an everyday occurance.

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