How Our Ambassadors Recover From Illness

The summer cold – it’s the curse of the changing weather and can hit even the strongest of us. Rest is important in any training, and if you try to push yourself too hard, it can set back your recovery. We all know there’s no cure for the common cold, but we asked our ambassadors how they recover from illness. Here’s their top tips:

Bed: Rest and Recover | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Olivia Cooney – Founding Director of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats

I am always giving myself the best shot by taking multivitamins, I like VITL vits as they make it so simple and easy to stay guarded.  


Dr. Nick Ambatzis – GP

I listen to my body and take appropriate time off to rest, then get into my routine by building back up with active recovery.


Pete Pallai – Founder of MyPilates, London

If need be, I take a day off exercise, stay still and re-fuel. A book, a movie, quiet time. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often.


Bronwen Foster-Butler – Brand and Digital Manager at lululemon

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I know that a walk in the woods will sort me out. I’m lucky enough to live in South London where we are surrounded by green spaces. There is a little wood in Tooting common that I can always count on to get me sorted. It’s important to do this so that I can make sure the only impact I’m having on others is a positive one. If I’ve been really poorly then I may warm up to it with a cup of tea in my garden and some knitting. Or a restorative yoga class and meditation. 


Jamie Ray Hartshorne – HIIT trainer at Another Space

I try and get as much sleep as possible, getting early nights and fully switching off. On a regular basis, I will drink 3-4 litres of water to keep hydrated everyday. When I feel like I’m becoming run down, I will take extra vitamins & minerals and take hot baths with epsom salts. Sitting in the steam room for 15 minutes helps to eliminate toxins & boosts your immune system too. 


Korin Nolan – Founder of Baby Body Bootcamp

I try to get an early night (get hubby to do the night feed with baby) and eat well.


Casey Anderson – founder of Crossfit Las Olas

Sleep. I love, love, love to sleep. I also like to sit in a hot shower, 100% of the time I feel better after I shower, who doesn’t? 


Bart Van Maanen – Model & Co-Founder of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats

I eat grapefruit, take the Neat Multivitamins and drink ginger tea. 


Louis Rennocks – Founder of BoxxMethod

Eat fruit and veg!


Tom Kemp – Founder of Farm Fitness

Plenty of rest, nutrient dense food and time off from training. I also ensure I take Neat Advanced multi vitamins & minerals to support.


Nicole Harrison - Model

Sleep is the biggest factor for me. Usually I get really run down from all the travel and change of time zones. Then when I’m exhausted, I can’t keep up with my workout routine and I get lazy. This obviously has an effect on me mentally. I also think its important to ease into things when this happens, as if you try to come back at it full speed ahead it usually catches up to you and you end up at square one. Also keeping hydrated, and getting vitamins into your system is important.


Guy Sherwin – Management Consultant

This is the one time I allow myself to operate at low intensity, it’s important to let your immune system do its thing so I just make sure I’m getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water.

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