How Probiotics Can Benefit Your Skin

With gut health becoming almost as talked about as what Kyle Jenner recently named her baby, it seems as if everyone you speak to is giving probiotic supplements a go. But whilst they are widely talked about in terms of improving your digestion and boosting your energy, not many people realise that they can actually benefit your skin too…

Probiotics For Your Skin: Beauty Feature | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense. 

What is the connection between your gut and your skin?

A healthy gut microbiome in the gut is crucial for breaking down the food we eat, absorbing the nutrients and eliminating toxins. Without the right, healthy gut flora, we end up with more bad bacteria than good - causing a whole host of problems in our bodies and on our skin. When we aren’t absorbing enough nutrients, our bodies have to prioritise which organs will get the limited supply, meaning our skin and hair are likely to suffer.

Prioritising our gut health and improving the functioning of our digestive system has been shown to improve many areas of our health, including skin quality, immune function, general happiness & energy levels! 


How can you tell if a probiotic will benefit you?

First, try tweaking and improving your diet and making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. If you’ve had no such luck, now is the time to try taking a probiotic and see if your symptoms improve. Hopefully, you’ll notice improved digestion and clearer skin.


To take things up a level, try skincare products that include probiotics

Probiotic skincare is very similar to how it works for the digestive system, helping it to find it’s balance - not too dry or too oily. Try experimenting with a beauty blend or bio-fermented probiotic toner to nourish that skin flora and make your skin glow.

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