How To Find More Time For You

Often, we get so caught up in our daily commitments that we forget to look after ourselves. If you feel like you just don’t have time, it’s important to reflect on what, and who, we value – helping us to waste less time on commitments and people that don’t fulfil our souls! At the end of the day, we need to choose carefully how spend our limited time. Below are a couple of ideas for finding more time for yourself… 

How To Find More Time For You | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.


Although still important, no, we don’t mean by cleaning your house! We’re talking about de-cluttering your commitments and relationships to make sure you have time for the people and hobbies you truly love. Start by writing down all your commitments and keep only those that bring you joy and value. This is also true for relationships – get rid of toxic people that drain your energy!


Learn to say no

Such a simple concept... but oh so hard to implement! As human beings, we are wired to be people pleasers, and many of us are terrified of being judged or disliked. We need to realise that saying no does not make you a bad person, but just means you value yourself! Here are a few tips on how to say no:

  • Be polite but direct e.g. “Thank you, but no I can’t”

  • Don’t lie – lying translates to feelings of guilt. Most people will appreciate your honesty

  • Don’t say “I’ll think about it”, “most likely” or “I’ll see if I can make it”. These will bring you more stress and will only drag on the situation.


Find your essentials 

What things are absolutely essential to your wellbeing? Once you’ve established your life essentials, make them non-negotiable no matter how hectic life gets. Is it a fortnightly date night with your husband? Going to see a therapist once a month? Speaking to your mum once a week? Whatever it might be to you please remember self-care ain’t selfish!


What’s your morning routine?

A morning routine is an easy way to start the morning on a positive note. This doesn’t have to be a chore... just a few simple practises that you know will make you happy! It might be journaling, listening to a podcast or audio book whilst getting ready, a five-minute meditation, thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for, stretching, a workout, breakfast with your partner, or taking a cold shower… the possibilities are endless!


How do you get snoozing?

Similar to a morning routine, an evening routine is the perfect opportunity to wind down and take some me time! Keep it simple and choose one thing you love doing and stick with it! Your brain relaxes when you do something you love, and you know you really love doing something when the concept of time just disappears! Maybe try going for an evening run or walk and reading a book before bed.


Make the most of your lunch breaks 

How do you spend your lunch breaks – are you eating at your desk, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? Or do you skip it all together because you’re feeling overwhelmed with work? As humans, we need time to recharge! Please, please take your lunch break and make it worthwhile! Here are a few activities we recommend: getting up from your work space, enjoy your food, run those personal errands you’ve been putting off, call an old friend, take a walk and most importantly avoid screens!


Weekends are for YOU, not work

Especially if you work Monday to Friday, make the weekend about you! Do the activities you enjoy and spend time with people that bring out the best in you. Maybe take up some activities that you’ve always wanted to try – painting, cooking, volunteering or even going on that beach trip? The weekend is your chance to take a mini vacation from your work, so switch off those email notifications!


Unplug and be present  

Be conscious of your technology use. Are you on your phone throughout dinner with your partner? Are you grabbing your phone as soon as you wake up or before bed? Do you check your emails at all hours? It is important to be present and put away electronics when taking time for yourself or with the people you love – your mental wellbeing will seriously thank you! 

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