How to Stay Healthy on the Road: Top Tips From The Grove

Whether you’ve lost your exercise mojo or been thrown off balance with the constant movement and change in time zones, maintaining a healthy routine whilst on the road is not an easy feat. Having recently teamed up with The Grove’s award-winning Sequoia spa to offer a range of our delicious protein shakes and snacks, we took the opportunity to ask the hotel’s Spa Director, Jamie Pagan for his top tips to keep healthy whilst travelling...

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Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is so important in aiding digestion and flushing out unwanted toxins. Try to also avoid caffeinated drinks as they can make anxiety and stress levels rise, particularly whilst travelling.


Pack a Resistance Band

They are excellent for travelling, not only because they are lightweight and easy to put in your luggage, but they can be the key to a really effective workout that you can do anywhere, at any time.



Take time to unwind, relax and focus on you. Download popular apps such as Calm and Fitstar to support relaxation and mindfulness. 


Plan Ahead

Try to plan your snacks according to your day. If you know you are going to be out all day, then pre-pack healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts for a nutritious treat when you start feeling hungry.


Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

The most important thing is to maintain a good sleeping routine when travelling. Your body needs rest when you’re on the move, particularly when you are crossing time zones and carrying heavy luggage. Sleeping well starts with disconnecting technology – take a relaxing bath before bed or read a book to help unwind instead of trawling through your phone just before you switch off the light


Health and Wellness at The Grove

The Grove also helps guests maintain a healthy routine and stay consistent with their workouts with a range of fitness options. The gym has a market leading fitness proposition, with a Technogym Artis and Skill line range, and the team of fitness experts are constantly keeping a watchful eye on the newest fitness trends, incorporating world-class equipment to match this.

The hotel has also recently introduced virtual classes to help support travellers at any time throughout the day with highly qualified personal trainers on hand to offer advice. Extensive walking trails surround the hotel, so guests can continue to stay connected to nature and enjoy the serenity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Commenting on our recent partnership with The Grove, Jamie adds, “Neat share our views on the importance of nutrition in overall health and wellbeing. The partnership enriches our nutritional support to members and guests as part of our overall offering. We are very excited about working with Neat in the future.”

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