Keeping Fit Whilst Injured

There’s no point beating around the bush here, injuries suck, especially when they keep you from doing something you love. But they don’t necessarily have to mean that your training sessions have to come to a complete standstill! Here’s our top tips for dealing with injuries and staying fit:

 Keeping Fit Whilst Injured | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Get Your Mind Right

Mindset is everything and there’s nothing to gain from beating yourself up or labeling yourself as lazy for simply giving your body the time it needs to heal properly. It’s not always easy, but staying in a positive mindset will speed up your recovery time and help you see the silver linings in a frustrating situation. Whether that’s having a new opportunity to improve your flexibility instead, or having more time on your hands to see friends or pick up a new hobby.

Test Your Abilities

By testing your abilities, we mean gently testing what you are able to do without feeling any pain. Using minimum weight or resistance, test out different movements, depending on the location your injury, and see what you can do. You’ll be surprised at how some lower body movements might cause you pain in your shoulder, yet other upper body work might be absolutely fine! Remember, be careful and cautious as you test each exercise to avoid further injury.

Do What You Can

99% of the time, there’s always something you can do rather than nothing. Even if that’s just going for a gentle morning walk, or focusing on your upper body whilst you wait out a lower-body injury! Keep your cardiovascular fitness up by doing more low-impact exercises such as swimming or using a Versa-climber. If this is still a struggle, take the opportunity to focus on other areas of your health that you often neglect, such as your mobility or flexibility.

Take Your Time & Rest As Much As Possible

You’ve probably already heard how quality rest and sleep can improve your performance in the gym and overall well-being, and it’s even more crucial for when recovering from an injury! Be mindful not to push yourself too far, and never to the point of pain, as all you’ll do is aggravate your injury and set your recovery time back. You only get one chance to heal, so give yourself the best shot and rest, rest and rest some more!

Focus on Nutrition

Just because you can’t workout like you usually would, doesn’t mean your whole healthy lifestyle should go out the window. During this time it’s even more important to treat your body well, giving it the best opportunity to heal. Good nutrition will keep you feeling full of energy, will help you remain positive and will support your body at its time of need in the best possible way.

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