Mental Health Mondays: Faking It Till You Make It

Confidence is one of the most desirable traits on the planet and yet it is something that many people struggle to fully grasp. Knowing your worth can get you far in life, and it’s pretty amazing how much of a difference a little more confidence can make. For some, it’s physical self-esteem that can be an issue, but for others, they struggle to feel comfortable in new social situations or when making tough professional decisions. For those who feel like their confidence still needs a little work, here are our top tips on growing your confidence & successfully faking it ‘till you make it!: 

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Put on an Act

If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t feel confident, ask yourself how you would like to behave, i.e. how you would if you already were confident! This could mean initiating conversation with a stranger or speaking out and giving your opinion at your next team meeting. It might sound scary but it will get easier every time you do it, until being confident eventually becomes your reality.


Your Best is Enough

Worried what people will think if they see through your act? If anyone notices that you’re not completely comfortable in a certain situation, they will only respect you more so for standing up and giving it your best shot anyway, rather than hiding in the corner. We all know what it's like to feel anxious or uneasy, and recognise how much courage it can take to put yourself out there.



Visualise a positive outcome. All too often we psych ourselves out, imagining the worst that could happen. Flip this habit on its head, and instead visualise what it will feel like to be successful. Conjure up the feeling of being fully confident in your body, or how great it feels to give an amazing presentation; it’s a simple switch that will make things so much easier.


Positive Self-Talk

Whilst your working on visualising that positive outcome, it’s time to also quiet down that judgmental voice that always plays down your abilities. Constantly reinforcing positive mantras rather than negative chatter will help reinforce your sense of self-worth. With time, you’ll see how this can benefit so many aspects of your life!

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