Mindful Mondays Series

Welcome to Mindful Mondays with our expert ambassador Natalie! Natalie, one of London’s leading wellbeing super coaches, is here to guide us through 5 weeks of modern mindfulness to show us why everyone should develop their own mindfulness practice for better wellbeing.

As one of the few mindful practitioners working with the Premiership & many GB athletes, Natalie knows how having a mindful attitude can supercharge your focus, training, creativity and mental health. Across the next 5 weeks Natalie will inspire us with her modern mindfulness 'CalmerRama Wellbeing'.

Mindfulness | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


Week 1: A Beginners Guide To The Mindful Here & Now 

The mindful way to wellbeing is life changing. If you choose it, you will need to follow a routine of short meditations. Alongside that you will need to commit to starting your day with 5 minutes of daily observations and breathing. Mindfulness is so much more than just sitting still! There are many ways to practice it; everyday moments can be mindful and you can be mindfully active right here, right now. Let's start with debunking some common myths…


Modern Mindfulness Is: 

  • Recognising thoughts and feelings without getting caught in their power.
  • Living in the moment - feeling fully connected to the now.  
  • Learning to live without judgment - becoming naturally calmer & more balanced. 
  • A greater ability to focus, heightened creativity, and helps with gaining greater confidence & self-love.
  • Not going to be easy! Like training a muscle it takes a lot of dedication, practice and commitment! 


Modern Mindfulness Is NOT:

  • Emptying the mind or clearing your thoughts. 
  • An escape from your personality - it actually reveals your true & pure personality 
  • A hocus trend! Modern mindfulness is evidence based and with regular practice it literally changes the brain!  
  • Not something you can try once and feel the full benefits from (there is no fast McDonalds M in mindfulness). 


So if you haven't yet been tempted to try, come and join us this Autumn and get involved with Team Neat's #MindfulMondays to find out why top level athletes are taking note of mindfulness...

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