Our Ambassador's Favourite Workouts

Team Neat's Ambassadors are all extremely passionate about health and fitness, so it's no surprise they're a seriously fit bunch! We chatted to them about their favourite workouts and how they manage to stay in such good shape whilst living such busy lifestyles...


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Olivia Cooney – Founding Director of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats

My favourite week will consist of many different workouts. It's not the workout but the feeling afterwards that I am addicted too, and all the different methods give you a different emotion and post workout feeling.  I must say, boxing is my favourite but I enjoy clearing my head with a run and toning up in lower intensity barre workouts. It’s all about mixing it up to keep yourself interested.


Patrick Fitzgerald - Buyer at Gucci

I live in one of the best cities in the world, so I love to workout outside as much as possible. That being said, 6-mile loop around Central Park… twice. 


Pete Pallai – Founder of MyPilates, London

I get plenty of Pilates practice but variety is the spice so I relish a strong boxing circuit at Kobox on a weekly basis. Running on the track doing drills, speed, dragging tyres and some Body Balance classes.


Natalie Pennicotte-Collier - TheMindCoach (Team GB Youth)

Tennis, Tennis, Tennis, and running for sure! Always outside, preferably trail running in the Kent countryside. My athletes give me a run for their money and we keep it fun post-therapy. I recently gave up my snowboard and took up the planks to learn with the kids - it’s been so much fun to learn again with my little ski ninjas.


Bronwen Foster-Butler – Brand and Digital Manager at lululemon

My workouts whilst I was pregnant definitely evolved; when I first found out I was pregnant, I reached out to a PT friend of mine and he gave me a list of moves and activities to avoid – turns out it’s a very small list which was a big relief. Like most women, I felt pretty sick for the first 12 weeks, which made getting motivated to workout really hard. However, I eventually figured out that getting some exercise actually made me feel better…  I’ve always been a huge fan of British Military Fitness, so I continued this until I was 25 weeks. 


Guy Sherwin – Management Consultant

It changes all the time, but a conditioning session I’ve been doing a lot recently is 10 rounds, starting every 4mins of:

500m rowing holding sub-1:35 pace
30 wall ball shots with 12kg medicine ball
30 double-under skipping


    Dr. Nick Ambatzis – GP

    Any workout that stresses VO2Max, especially if it involves a kettlebell.


    Tom Kemp – Founder of Farm Fitness

    My favourite workout is a strongman style circuit at farmfitness. This consists of a mix of push, pull and lifting exercises performed at a high intensity in intervals on the farm using tyres, ropes, prowler etc.


    Korin Nolan – Founder of Baby Body Bootcamp

    Without a doubt Dynamic Reformer Pilates, which is what we teach at my studio.


    Casey Anderson – founder of Crossfit Las Olas

    I love to Olympic Lift. I feel so confident and strong after a good lifting session.


    Louis Rennocks – Founder of BoxxMethod

    Barry's Bootcamp!


    Nicole Harrison - Model

    I love doing HIIT workouts, my trainer Russel who runs SBC is great for this. I love spin, although now I have relocated to NYC I miss my favourite class at ride republic. I’m really looking forward to exploring New York’s fitness trends. On top of this I will usually incorporate Yoga and Pilates into my weekly routine.


    Ashleigh Stirling

    Since my daughters arrival I've been walking everyday, which is great to clear your head and give me (and Margot) a change of scene. After my check-up, I will start Pilates to re-establish my core, and then add in yoga and barre. They're all low impact and I'll find classes I can bring Margot to! Pre-pregnancy I loved running, spin and HIIT based workouts but I'm going to work to build my foundations back slowly.


    Bart Van Maanen – Model & Co-Founder of Pop-Up Fitness Retreats

    My favourite workouts are core focused; quick HIIT training combining lots of balance techniques i.e. weights on a bosu ball.


    Jamie Ray Hartshorne – HIIT trainer at Another Space

    My favourite workout is HIIT in any forms; I love pushing my heart rate to the max when training and sustaining the heartrate.

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