September Goal Setting

For years, September was all about back to school and if you’re a parent, it probably still is. That summer mentality doesn’t leave us in adulthood, so September can still feel like a good time to start something along with the beginning of a new season. We’ve been trained to be ready for new things this month.

Falling eight full months after New Years, where we all fall prey to the resolution band wagon, September is actually a great time to start thinking about things you want to achieve or perhaps begin. Your goal setting can be anything from getting into fitness (or back on the wagon), taking up a new hobby, being more organised, spending more time with friends… the list is endless.

Here’s why we think September is a great time to set yourself some goals…


Goal Setting

Get ahead of the curve

With four months before Christmas and the end of the year, you can get going on those changes you want to make and have them in your routine by January 1st. We’ve spoken before about how routine can be the key to success, so give yourself some time to grow around your goals.

The weather is better

As Brits, we love talking about the weather, but this time it’s important. SAD (Sesaonal Affective Disorder) effects so many of us in the winter. By beginning a new routine in the Autumn, when its warmer, dryer and we have more daylight hours, you can’t use as many excuses when it comes to leaving the house. Example: running in the morning is easier when it’s light outside and you don’t have to wear ten layers.

It’ll be quieter

This one’s for those fitness goals. Come January, fitness classes, the gym, the local yoga centre - they’re all bursting at the seems with everyone in the new year mindset. By signing up now for the gym or trying out the Beyonce dance class you’ve always wanted to check out, you’ll find you have space to breathe.

Back to School isn’t just for the kids

If your goal is to learn something new or enrol in a course, September is the perfect time to look at options. Even the smallest towns will have an evening course programme at the local college or high school. Online prospectuses make it super easy to find the right course to expand your horizons and develop your skillset. Whether its weekend cake decorating or re-training for a career.


Remember, how you set your goals is also important. Back in January, lululemon shared with us their 18 in 18: a guide to setting goals. Check it out for a refresher and start thinking about what you want to do with the next four months of the year. 

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