Six vegan Instagram accounts you need to follow

Yes, we may already be partway through Veganuary, but there’s no such thing as too much Veganuary Inspo, right?

A plant-based diet might seem daunting at first, but nowadays there's inspiration everywhere - and the first place we head to? Instagram! Here are six of our favourite Instagram accounts, that will show you how creative (and easy), a vegan diet can be.



Follow for: Easy, simple vegan recipes. Bonus, their one-pot vegan recipe book has just launched, perfect for meal prepping. 


Follow for: Helping to de-mystifying the vegan options available in your local supermarket. We’ll take the vegan bounty bars, thanks!


Follow for: The best comfort eats. No Veganuary list would be complete without Gaz Oakley. Missing your go-to comfort foods? Gaz has a recipe for that…


Follow for: Vegan plus fitness. Still reckon being vegan = waving goodbye to the gym? Think again.


Follow for: Recipes that are so good, they even might convince your pals to take up Veganuary too. If you're cooking, of course.


Follow for: Like The body coach, but vegan. Quick, easy recipe videos and vegan alternatives to all your fave meals.

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