Spotlight on: Lean Boost

Hero of our capsule products, Lean Boost is one of our best sellers – but what is it, what’s in it, and what is it designed for?

Lean Boost Capsules | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense. 

A Matcha Made in Heaven

We couldn’t resist the pun (sorry!). Lean Boost includes our Organic Matcha Green Tea, which is thought to increase metabolism and help your body burn more fat. It’s a natural caffeine source, meaning you’ll get a boost without the shaky, jittery feeling you can get with some pre-workout supplements.


Science Stuff

Our carefully picked, natural ingredients are chosen to help aid the breakdown of fats to generate metabolic energy (how your body burns fuel to create energy). These ingredients include: Acai Berry Extract, Capsicum Extract, Organic Matcha Green Tea, CLA & Guarana Seed Extract


Capsicum Extract as in, peppers?

Yes! Our Lean Boost includes capsicum extract - another name for chilli pepper – which, research shows, turns up your body heat (this is known as thermogenesis). Thermogenesis increases your body’s calorie burn, and thus, studies have linked it to weight loss.


What does the CLA do?

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid - we know that sounds counter-productive - but studies suggest that it improves lean mass to body fat ratio by helping the body convert food more efficiently into energy.


Our Lean Boost tablets are taken three times a day to help your body with burning fat. Along with a balanced diet and exercise plan, they’re designed to help weight loss. 

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