Team Neat: What's Your Non-Negotiable?

As a growing start up based in central London, for Team Neat, busy is the new normal! It can feel like there's never enough hours to get enough done, let alone have free time to do things for ourselves. However, having a good work/life balance is super important, and something we advocate greatly. Making a habit out of doing something for yourself every day - no matter how small it might be - can have a huge impact on your mental health, productivity and general life satisfaction! 

So, we put the question to Team Neat: what is one non-negotiable thing you do every week to recharge & stay level headed when busy? Here's what they had to say...

Team Neat Non-Negotiables | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Olly – Head of E-commerce

“Each morning I start the day with a sun salutation plus plenty of stretching and core work. I slipped a disc earlier this year deadlifting, so to prevent future injury I need to keep a strong core and look after my back. Stretching also helps massively with recovery and even muscle growth. 30 minutes of work in the morning and I'm winning on all fronts; fresh, awake and ready to tackle the day!”


Charlie – Co-founder

“To keep a clearer vision, I like to take the time to create a board of tasks and prioritize actions. I also love my weekend routine: Saturday morning HIIT workout at my local gym, Forge Warehouse. Followed by an iced coffee at Good Boy Coffee and a walk along the river to get some fresh air and clear my mind.”


Lee – CEO and Co-founder

“An early morning gym session. A good lifting and hard interval training on the rowing/ski-erg/assault bike gets my endorphins flowing.”


Chris – CFO

“Family time. Start-up life can be hectic but making sure I dedicate time to spend with my wife and 5-month-old is very important for me to recharge.”


Kathryn – Head of Content

“Having a good bedtime routine. My job means I spend a lot of my day on my phone, so switching off technology & taking 20 minutes to read a book or journal always helps to calm my mind before I go to sleep.”


Rob – Logistics Director

“Being consistent with my lifestyle. No matter how stressful the day can get, I find keeping my gym, eating and sleep routine consistent helps me stay level headed.”


Izzy – Sales and Marketing

Prioritising self-care is key. This could either be listening to one of my favorite podcasts on the way to work or taking an evening yoga class to unwind after a busy day. I have also started taking CBD oil before bed which I have found to be really helpful in combatting stress.”


Nathan – Social Intern

“Attending regular intense boxing sessions during the week helps me let off some steam – and watching Love Island every night at 9pm whilst eating some Greek Yoghurt!”


Chantelle – Logistics Coordinator

“Going for a long walk in the evening and being in the fresh air really helps me to wind down after a long day.”


Cat – Head of Brand

“A fitness routine helps me massively when it comes to work / life balance. I'm an early bird, so getting up for a swim, run or gym session means I'm more focused and productive for the rest of the day. When I'm in our London office (I work from home most of the week), I make sure to take a lunch break with colleagues - it helps me feel more connected.”

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