The Best Places In London For An Outdoor Workout

The weather is warming up and we're finally seeing some sunshine in London that lasts well into the evenings. And what better way is there to get in your workout than by heading outside and soaking up a little Vit. D? Whatever your fitness jam is, here are the best places for an outdoor workout in London - it's time to get your body outside and enjoy what nature has to offer!


Best Places In London For An Outdoor Workout | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense.


For the Hill Sprinters

The slope of Primrose Hill packs a decent punch and so is great for hill sprints. Sprint up and walk or jog down the hill 10 times then grab that picnic basket and set yourself up for one of those long summer evenings. 

Prefer a flatter playing field? Regents Park's running track is free and relativity quiet. Whether it's the 100m or 400m you're interested in the track is in good nick so tie up those laces and go, go, go. 


For the Dog Walkers

Hampstead Heath is an absolute maze whether you decide to stick to the beaten track or not. There are some beautiful hills and flat grasslands that make for the perfect evening or Sunday stroll. It's the best place to take your furry friend to explore nature at it's best. 


For the Swimmers

Head to Tooting or London Fields Lido - London Fields is 50m long and is the best way to end a warm day and increase your cardiovascular fitness without any impact. Plus, the pool is heated... just be grateful it isn't -2 degrees outside anymore!


For the Run Clubbers

Check out the Thames 5.5km bridge loop - grab a bunch of mates and meet at Big Ben on the Thames. Run north towards the Golden Jubilee footbridges and across to the South Bank. Run along the Thames until you reach the Tate Modern and cross the Millennium footbridge back over the Thames and follow the river back to the start. It is a 5.5km (3.4mile) run - perfect for that office lunch break or post-work run. 


For the Bootcampers

Battersea Park's outdoor workout area is great for a sweaty HIIT session or circuit. Use the stations for pull-ups, callisthenics exercises, box jumps or incline press ups. Holland Park and Primrose hill also have outdoor gyms for use too.


For the Mountain Bikers & Cyclists

Richmond Park - The road around the edge of Richmond Park is 11km and has a few steep parts to add an extra challenge. The park itself is riddled with tracks so the opportunities are endless!


For the Yogi's

For those who want to take things a little slower, YogaRise's rooftop classes in Peckham Rye offer panoramic views of the city and are perfect for those warm summer evenings - who needs a rooftop bar?


This blogpost is from Katie Morgan, an Aussie blogger who writes about all things health, nutrition, fitness, love and travel on her website: Kale and the Kettlebell. She’s dedicated to living a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle. Her hottest tip? Stop trying to eat and exercise for how you look - focus on how you feel and you will be surprised with the results. 

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