The Best Workouts In London: Core Collective

We’re all about studios with top of the range facilities, that offer you an experience, not just a workout – which is exactly why you need to check out our partners in West London, Core Collective. They’ve just celebrated their 3rd birthday at their High Street Kensington location, and soon they’ll be opening a brand-new site in St John’s Wood, so here’s why we think you should head down for a workout: 

The Best Workouts In London: Core Collective | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.

What Is Core Collective About?:

It’s the “ultimate pay as you train gym offering 7 different workouts led by London’s top PT’s.” Their range of dynamic range of classes are designed to complement each other and your results – smart, right? It’s not all about exhausting yourself with daily treadmill sprints here, it’s about bullet-proofing your body to be strong and fit for life. 


Your Average Class Looks Like:

Whether you choose a high-intensity circuit or lift & row class, or a less cardiovascular-focused TRX resistance, yoga or Pilates class, you’re sure to get a 45-minute, full-body blast. Our favourite? We love their Lift & Row class; “High-intensity interval training developed for cardio, strength and endurance. Combines a varying sequence of weights and floor exercises with rowing intervals. You'll build strength, burn fat and test your mental resilience like no other class.”


The Best Thing About Core Collective:

They care about form & mobility. We don’t like to name names, but we’ve all been to workout classes where the warm-up is brushed through in seconds & people are left to do all sorts of exercises without instructions as to form. Their classes are designed to balance each other out in intensity to maximise both your progress and your overall health. 


Our Top Tip?:

Don’t head in and out of class in a rush - take your time to enjoy yourself and refuel post-workout at The Core Collective Kitchen. Recover in style with one of their much-Instagrammed breakfast bowls or a classic avocado toast combo, and of course, try a Neat protein shake from their brand-new smoothie menu too – that’s what we call motivation to power through a tough workout!  


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