The Best Workouts In London: UN1T

Gone are the days where your local leisure centre is the only place offering gym classes. London is full of different studios, and whether you want to lift weights, run hard or stretch it out, there’s something for everyone. We’ve tried our fair share of classes in the city, and with so many to choose from, we thought we’d share some of our favourite studios in London, that we love working with and training in! This week, we’re putting the spotlight on our friends at UN1T… 

 The Best Workout In London: UN1T | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.


What is UN1T all about?

“UN1T is a training and conditioning studio offering a trio of cardio, strength, and mobility focused classes, all incorporating the concept of working as a UN1T to complete the class”. Their ethos is all about training together, encouraging and motivating one another to push through comfort zones and complete (translation: survive) the day’s workout. They’ve brought back team conditioning that improves your overall wellbeing as well as your physical strength and endurance.


Your Average Class Looks Like:

The joy of training at UN1T is that you can rest easy knowing that the coaches have designed a specific programme for you to make sure you’re progressing - all you have to do is show up and be willing to work (and sweat, A LOT).

Strength classes are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and conditioning and cardio classes are in-between. They also split their 12-week programme into three phases: hypertrophy, strength and power, all designed to make sure you’re a well-rounded athlete! Hypertrophy is all about focusing on progressive tension overload to increase endurance and add muscle. Strength is about taking your reps down low, lifting your max volume at a moderate speed to boost your overall body strength, and power is about moving a load at high speed and building explosive strength.


The Best Thing About UN1T

The community. Not only are the coaches and members pretty great people to workout with, but in 2018, UN1T has decided to challenge their community to really live up their ethos of training as 1 and help them complete 12 challenges in 12 months. Already this year, marathons have been ran, vegan-challenges have been conquered and even an epic 24-hour charity Trooper class went down last month… but there’s a whole lot more still to come!


Our Top Tip?

Book into a 7-day trial to experience UN1T for yourself, and make sure to push yourself to your max in their Signature Trooper class. One lucky Super Trooper will win one of their awesome smoothies – made with Neat protein of course!


For more from UN1T, find them online, or check them out on Instagram... 

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