The Mental Benefits of a Good Morning Routine

Often it can be so easy to hit the snooze button repeatedly in the mornings, especially when the weather is grey and dreary. Not everyone is a morning person and rising and shining can be difficult for some. Here's how your mental health could benefit with establishing a good morning routine: 

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Start the Day as You Mean to Go On
If your morning is productive, chances are that the rest of your day will follow. Getting up on time will have a knock-on effect, no running for the bus or struggling to arrive on time. Rather than causing a domino effect of disorganization, you’ll feel less frazzled if you’ve given yourself ample opportunity to succeed.

Avoid Decision Fatigue
By having your routine set up and ingrained in your brain, the need to make decisions early doors in your day will be minimal. This means you can save the tough decision making for later in the day when it matters most and you won’t feel so drained.

Tick Off Your To-Do’s
How satisfying is it to have a list of ticks next to your day’s job list? The sense of achievement from ticking off the small things will give you a positive attitude to carry throughout the day.

You’ll Have More Time to Chill

If you achieve your goals early doors, you’ll have more time to yourself later on. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy things, without the nagging feeling that you haven’t done something you should have.

Better Sleep
It sounds like an oxymoron, but getting up earlier could mean better sleep! Going to bed with reduced stress from everything you achieved during the day, with a clear plan for the following morning could mean you rest easier.  

Fuelling Your Body
A good morning routine should include time for a decent breakfast. Whether you’re an overnight oats person, enjoy scrambled eggs or prefer a breakfast out of the house, fuelling your body with good food will keep you feeling satiated and should focus your mind.

Turn Routine Into Habit
It may feel like a chore for the first few weeks, but a good morning routine will become habit by the end of a month. Habits are easier to continue and will help quell anxiety.

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