Top Tips on Reducing Food Waste

When it comes to doing your bit for the environment, every little counts; be that walking instead of driving, recycling more, eating less red meat or throwing away less food. Food waste is often one we forget about, but it has a huge impact on the climate, biodiversity, and not to mention your bank balance too! So to celebrate World Environment Day we're sharing our top tips on how to reduce your waste. 


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Plan Your Weekly Meals

Planning your meals in advance is a lifesaver for reducing your food waste; helping you to know exactly what to buy when you hit the shops and meaning you can come home after work without having to do a ready, steady cook with the random choices left in your fridge! Take the time to plan out a week of quick, healthy and creative meals that will brighten up your mid-week food plan and leave fewer sad-looking vegetables heading for the bin. 


Stick to Your Shopping List

We've all been there; you go to the supermarket without a list (and feeling hungry), only to come home with the entire shop! Now you've planned your meals, it's time to navigate the supermarket without veering off-plan. Try to remember you can always pop back to the shops later in the week, so don't buy more of something unless it's already finished.


Stock up Your Cupboards

By keeping your store-cupboards stocked up with pasta, pulses, tinned tomatoes and spices you can transform your leftovers into some seriously crowd-pleasing meals. Stews, curries and pasta dishes are great for throwing in whatever veggies and protein you have left from the night before with a whole bunch of different spices to jazz things up - dreading leftovers will soon be a thing of the past! 


Cook in Batches

Become best friends with your freezer and cook meals in batches to save waste, as well as time, when life gets busy. Use the whole tin of tomatoes and can of kidneys beans when you're cooking up a mean chilli and throw your leftovers into the freezer to pull out for a quick and tasty, fuss-free meal. 


Measure Your Portions

No matter how many times we cook pasta or rice, somehow we always seem to end up with enough to feed a small army! It's always tricky to 'eyeball' the right amount, so instead of cooking too much and throwing it straight in the bin, weigh out your carbs before you cook them - around 40-60g depending on the person is a good starting point. 

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