Tried and Tested Travel Packing Tips From World Traveller Katie Morgan

No matter how many trips we go on, the tedious process of packing never seems to get any easier. So, we asked Neat pal and world traveller Katie Morgan, to give us her tried and tested packing tips for healthy travellers...

Whether you’re a heavy packer, last minute packer or a forgetful packer these travel tips should make preparing for your next holiday or work trip a breeze!

Tried and Tested Healthy Travel Tips | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

Pack Outfits

And try them on first; That way when you have limited space you'll know exactly which outfits to wear without spending hours trying on your random selection of items in your suitcase, struggling to find things that match.


Go Neutral

When in doubt, go neutral. Pack black and white shoes, bags and even hats because they'll go with everything! I also always pack white sneakers as they match everything from activewear to denim shorts or even a summer dress. 


Pack The Staples

Similarly, pack yourself a classic white tee or shirt which you can dress up or down and team with anything. A denim jacket is also the perfect travel essential. Be smart with the items you choose!


Less Is More

I’m no fashionista but honestly go minimal - you don't need seven dresses or smart shirts. Count the days and count the outfits. Most likely you will wear things more than once so for 7 days pack about 5 outfits. 


Roll Them Up

This probably isn’t news to many, but when I roll my clothes I can always fit a lot more in and it generally takes the awkward fold lines out of the clothes too. So get rolling!


Chunky Layers

Wear any heavy layers on the plane. I always wear a tee, jumper and then my denim jacket on the plane and my chunkiest shoes. Most of the time I carry my Kathmandu puffer jacket to use as a pillow on the flight too. Cheap flights are usually at awkward hours so a pillow will help you get some much-needed zzzzzz’s.


Pack Heavy Items First

Pack your shoes and heavy items, like jeans, in the bottom of your bag first. Then you can stuff the socks and underwear around in the gaps to maximise space.


Pack Resistance Bands

Do you want to stay fit and train on your holiday? You can do some killer moves with minimal equipment by using a simple, light resistance band. They take up no space and can be used for so many different exercises.


Carry On Essentials

This may not apply for those short, hour flights around Europe, but for the longer ones; pack eye drops, lip balm, noise cancelling head phones, a pen, note book/diary and gum or mints. Downloading Netflix episodes on your phone before the flight means you can watch them in the air too. 


Pre Flight Prep

For the girls: apply a really good moisturiser, avoid make up and tie your hair up or plait it to avoid greasy hair (and walking off the plane looking like Einstein!). Have your eye drops and lip balm handy for mid flight application to keep hydrated and of course drink LOADS of water pre, during and post flight.


Change Your Clock

When you get on the flight, switch your clock to the local time of your destination. Try and stick to a similar eating and sleeping schedule to this new time. It really helps with jet lag.


Jet Lag

Finally, if you suffer with a bout of jet lag - which is sometimes unavoidable - the best thing to do is to not sleep as soon as your land (unless it is night time when you arrive of course). If you land at 9am local time, avoid the temptation to nap! Get your body moving, do some stretches to open your hips or go for a long walk. It will make you feel so much better!

Travel safe and enjoy exploring our beautiful world. 

This article was written by Katie Morgan. Find out more and follow her adventures over at @katierobynmorgan.


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