What’s The Most Popular Neat Nutrition Protein?

Here at Neat Nutrition, we love all our proteins equally. But when it comes to our sales figures, you guys don't necessarily agree! So what do you think is our most popular protein and flavour? Take a second to make a guess and then read below for the answer…

Vegan Protein Powder | Neat Nutrition. Active Nutrition, Reimagined For You.

This may be a surprising answer for some, maybe not so much for others, but our most popular protein is actually our Vanilla Vegan Protein! Made from a blend of hemp & pea, it’s got all the amino acids your body needs – making it the perfect choice for allergen-sufferers or those who eat a plant-based diet. It’s uber versatile, making it not only a great-tasting post-workout shake, but also a great addition to smoothies, protein balls and protein bakes too.

Still unsure what protein blend is for you? Take the decision-making process out of your decision with our Mixed Starter Box. For just £9.95, you’ll get 4 x whey and vegan protein sachets in both chocolate and vanilla flavours and a Neat shaker, so you can try them all before deciding which you like best!

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