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What Supplements are Good for Tennis Players? #QoW


What Supplements are Good for Tennis Players?

Tennis is intense. Even if you’re just playing for fun, it’s a great workout that will work your whole body. Of course, working your whole body means putting stress on your whole body so you need to make sure you’re keeping yourself in tip-top shape!

An hour’s tennis will burn around 450 calories (depending on your intensity). Make sure you’re fuelled for your match by eating well beforehand, or if you’re strapped for time, make a shake with banana added for an energy boost. If you haven’t already had one, have a shake on hand to mix with water after your session and get those muscles repairing. A whey based shake will reach your muscles in around 30 minutes.

You’ll have heard of tennis elbow, but a sport like tennis can have an effect on more than just your elbows, so if you’re susceptible to joint pain, try a recovery capsule like our Recovery product. Supplements like Recovery will help reduce joint inflammation, aid recovery and repair following exercise and improve health of joints and bones.