Which Supplements Are Right for Your Goal?

Simply put, different supplements support different people’s lifestyle’s, and what works for one person might not work for another. Although our products are designed to be versatile, you wouldn’t expect a 5-foot 3 vegan to eat the same as a 6-foot 2 bodybuilder, so why would you expect them to use exactly the same supplements? However, there are some health and fitness goals that we come across a lot, so here are some of the products we’d recommend anyone with one of these three common aspirations:

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Weight Loss

Lean Protein:

Our Award-winning Lean Protein is the ultimate accompaniment if you're looking to support weight loss and develop lean muscle. Its natural blend of ingredients, including our high-grade Matcha Green Tea, can help boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently. With a base of Whey Protein, it gives you a high level of all your essential amino acids, so your muscles recover more efficiently after a tough workout.

Lean Boost:

For those who need a little helping hand on their weight loss journey, our Lean Boost is designed to kick-start your metabolism, boost your energy levels and fight fatigue. It’s a great addition to your diet to help your body effectively burn fat and is great for those looking to get leaner.

Weight Loss Bundle:

Want to step things up a gear? We’ve designed Weightloss Bundle to complement a nutrition and exercise routine and to further help with healthy weight loss. It’s a collection of:

  • Lean Protein
  • Lean Boost - 90 capsules
  • Advanced Multi Vitamins & Minerals - 60 capsules
  • Neat Nutrition Shaker


Strength Gains

Whey Protein:
If you’re looking for an all-round protein powder & you have no food intolerances, whey is perfect for you. Creamy and great tasting, it contains a high level of all your essential amino acids meaning your muscle recovery is quicker. Whey Protein also contributes to the development of lean muscle and is absorbed quickly after consumption - perfect for post-exercise recovery. 

Looking to put on size as well as strength? Creatine Monohydrate is the next step when looking to increase size and bulk. For use alongside a bespoke exercise and weight lifting plan, Creatine Monohydrate helps the body’s ability to produce energy during short-term and high-intensity training. It can also support lean muscle growth and aid in strength development.


Busy Lifestyle 

Neat Bars:

Delicious and perfect for snacking, our brand new Cold-Pressed Vegan Protein Bars are 12g of plant-based protein. We used three simple ingredients as a base: dates, cashews nuts and raisins, making them the perfect balance for a tasty & healthier option in between meals. And the ideal on-the-go format can boost your energy levels whenever needed!


For those who struggle to get in enough goodness during busy weeks, this is the supplement you need! With eighteen vegetable, fruit and herb powders, our Supergreens are packed full of nutrient dense natural food sources and are designed to support health and well-being.

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