Why September Is The Time To Set New Goals

We’re declaring September the new January. The summer madness is officially over (sorry to be the bearers of bad news!) and there’s a collective feeling that it’s time to get back to business. Whether you’re just returning from a sun-soaked holiday, are heading back to a new year of studying or are just ready and raring to get stuck into work this Autumn, here’s why we think there’s no time like the present to set some new goals…  

Why September Is The Perfect Time To Set New Goals | Neat Nutrition. Protein Powder Subscriptions.

The Back To School Mindset

For most of us, going back to studying at school or uni in September is sadly a distant memory. But somehow that back to school mindset has stayed with us. For years of our lives, this was a time for a new beginning, and there’s great opportunity in captivating on this, even now. The craziness of summer, with all its drinks parties, holidays and festivals, is winding down, so take the time to re-evaluate what you want to achieve this year. That could be taking on a new fitness challenge, tuning back into your healthy diet or getting organised at work. Find that spring in your step again, as if you’re ready and raring to kickstart a new year at school.


Science says successful people set goals

Why set goals in the first place? Because science says so! That’s right, researchers have found that people who set small goals and targets do much better and achieve more than those who don’t bother. So, if you think goal setting is an unnecessary waste of time, think again! Instead of setting unrealistic resolutions for the entire year, we like setting mini goals and reassessing these on the regular. September is the perfect time to do just that.


You’ve Got 4 Months Left Of The Year

Setting new goals – especially financial ones – in September means you can make a real difference before the end of both the calendar & the financial year. You’ve got a strong 4-month stretch where you can really make some traction before enjoying the holidays. Don’t find yourself in January wondering what on earth you’ve been doing all year…


Clean Slate

With the change of seasons providing somewhat of a mid-year landmark, September is a great turning point that can hopefully provide you with a clean slate of sorts. If you’ve spent your summer slacking off a little, use this change in season to find your focus again and cultivate a new sense of energy. It’s the perfect opportunity to plan an exciting new project or a new partnership, when everyone around you is feeling the same readiness to start afresh.


The Pressure’s Off

Despite their being a collective momentum at this time of the year, it’s not the same as the unbearable pressure of January. There’s no constant media bombardment of what you “should” be doing, or extreme social pressure. You can focus on what YOU actually want to achieve or get done this year, not what all your friends are doing. Setting successful goals is all about having purpose and reason, to make sure you a) stick to them, and b) reap the right rewards for all your hard work. 

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