Winter Sports To Try This Christmas

Not up for lacing up your trainers for your usual jog when it's ice cold outside? Mix up your routine and have some fun whilst getting active this Christmas with these top winter sports you need to try...

Ice Skating. Winter Sports To Try | Neat Nutrition


Indoor Skiing at Chelski

Ski season is starting, and what better way to get ready for the snow than to hit the slopes!  Chelski in Chelsea has you covered for all the snow-plough or slalom practice you need with their moving ski slope. Try their Fit-Ski class for some off and on slope conditioning or grab some friends and take a lesson.


Hot Yoga

When its so cold outside, head somewhere it’s guaranteed to be warm! Hot Yoga is a great way to heat up after braving the chill and will get your muscles loose while you stretch the stresses of your day away. Remember to take some liquid chalk so you don’t slip on your mat!


Ice Skating

Picturesque and Christmas card worthy, ice skating is the iconic winter pastime and with pop-up rinks all over the country during December, you’ve got little excuse not to try it. Rent some skates and give those leg muscles a workout while also ticking off your cardio requirement.



Anything that takes you indoors and out of the dropping temperatures is preferable in winter, so why not give climbing a crack? A brilliant exercise for building lean muscle and core strength, you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have. Try a local learn to climb session and get in touch with your adventurous side.

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