Workout Wednesday: Beginners Swim Session

There’s no better time to start swimming than summer: the mornings are light, meaning getting up early isn’t a drag; or if you chose to swim in an outdoor lido, you’re not going to freeze your bits off!

For all those swimming beginners, we’ve put together a simple fitness set that should get you sweating, without throwing you in at the deep end.


Beginners Swimming Workout | Neat Nutrition. Clean, Simple, No-Nonsense Protein.


(Duration 30 minutes – based on a 25m pool)

Equipment required: hat (optional), goggles & water bottle


Warm Up:

Swim 4 x 1 length alternating lengths frontcrawl & backstroke – 20 seconds rest between.

(4 lengths)


Stroke Technique:

6 x 1 length breaststroke swim with 20 seconds rest between.

Count your strokes & aim to reduce them by 1 stroke every length (stretch & glide) 

(6 lengths)


Main Set:

12 x 1 length frontcrawl swim with 15 seconds rest

1st & 2nd length focus on breathing to the side every 3 strokes

3rd length breathe with as few breaths as comfortable

Repeat above x 4

(12 lengths total)


Cool Down:

2 x 2 lengths on a stroke of your choice – easy swim

(4 lengths total)


Total lengths: 26 (650m in a 25m pool)

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